Randalls are a father and son run financial advice and wealth management company

Our Initial Services

Financial Advice Service

(incorporating Investment Portfolio Service)

Tailor-Made Service

Let us create a service that’s perfect for you

Where an investment portfolio has been established as part of your initial advice (including within a pension or trust) then we strongly recommend you receive an ongoing advice service of at least the ‘Investment Portfolio Service’ level.

Our Ongoing Services

Investment Portfolio Service

Financial Advice Service

(incorporating Investment Portfolio Service)

Tailor-Made Service

Let us create a service that’s perfect for you

What does Financial Advice cover?

  • Investment Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Pension Accumulation
  • At and In Retirement Pension Planning
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Protection and Contingency Planning

What new clients should expect

We start any new relationship with an informal discussion, a chance for us to find out a bit about you and your needs. It is also a chance for you to get to know more about us, our services and costs.


There is no cost for this initial contact – it is simply an opportunity for us to see if we can add value to you and to help you decide whether or not you wish to work with us.


Should you wish to enter a professional relationship we will normally follow this up with a more formal discovery meeting where we obtain all the relevant background information that we need and discuss your specific goals as well as identify your risk parameters.


From here we will formulate our advice which we will present to you in the form of a clear and concise written report as well as a presentation meeting if this is appropriate. We will then implement our recommendations and start the process of the ongoing management of the plan.


We will then undertake regular reviews of the plan we have put in place – these will always be in the form of a meeting followed by a clear and concise written report.

Who We Are

Steven Randall ACIB APFS

Chartered Financial Planner

Steve is a Chartered Financial Planner and director of Randalls. He has worked in financial services all of his working life having started his career in retail banking in 1974. He has been an Independent Financial Adviser since 2000 and Chartered since 2008.


Steve lives in Exeter and enjoys spending his time with his family. Having six adult children and a growing number of grandchildren keeps him happily busy.


Steve says “I am also very fortunate in having a career that I thoroughly enjoy. I achieve great satisfaction in helping my clients to manage their finances.”

Isaac Randall BA(hons) DipPFS Charterted FCSI

Financial Advisor and Chartered Wealth Manager

As well as being a director of Randalls, Isaac is a qualified financial advisor and Chartered Wealth Manager. He is also the son of his co-director Steve Randall.


Following graduating from university, Isaac worked in retail banking and then for a Fund Management group. He eventually followed his father’s footsteps into Financial Advice in 2006, working for one of the largest and most established Wealth Management firms in the north of England.


In his previous role, Isaac specialised in the investment management of Trusts established following a settlement of a Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence award. This is an area he continues to have a strong interest in.


Isaac is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).


Isaac lives with his wife and three children in south Somerset

Tim Sherwood

Tim provides compliance assistance to the office.


Tim has a long and rich history in the financial services industry working in compliance for retail banks and financial advisers.


Tim enjoys spending time with his wife Carolyn and two adult children Lauren & Jack.

Sara Beaven

Sara provides valuable administrative support to the team.


Sara started life out working for a private bank and then HSBC where she worked for 19 years before joining Randalls.


She has two adult children and enjoys golf as well as following the Rugby

Sam Carter

Currently, Sam provides valuable support to the team and is actively working towards completing his financial advice qualifications.


Having spent thirteen years in the education sector as a teacher, Sam joined Randalls in 2017 and is embracing this new career direction.


Sam lives with his wife in Exeter. He enjoys running and regularly partakes in Parkrun events as well as competing in the Great West Run.

Toni Rowe

Toni is a member of our support team and is working towards completing her financial advice qualifications.


Toni’s career began in retail banking, working for HSBC for eight years before joining the McLaren Technology Group in Surrey.


She enjoys spending time with her children and partner, and her ever growing extended family.

How We Work

We help our clients make excellent financial decisions


It is often said that hope and fear are the most powerful drivers of human behaviour.


This insight is especially pertinent when it comes to growing and protecting our wealth – the very ground on which our futures are built. Addressing the arising conflict between these drivers and getting the right balance is at the heart of the work we undertake for our clients.


We define an excellent financial decision as one in which the prospects for achieving a good outcome (hope) are as strong as possible; while the prospects of a bad outcome (fear) are as minimal in likelihood and severity as possible.


When giving investment advice we use our expertise to safeguard our clients from unnecessary risk, manage healthy risk and increase the prospects of making their goals a reality.


We can only do this by getting to know our clients, their aspirations and risk parameters well and on an ongoing basis during our regular contacts. This allows us to bring together the techniques of risk management and a deep understanding of our clients to add remarkable value.

We aim to make our clients’ aspirations a reality


Our recommendations are bespoke to each client and are focussed on meeting their individual goals.


We encourage our clients to think of their money in terms of the life it allows them to live rather than simply as a numerical value. When we talk about goals with our clients we are therefore talking about what their money could mean for them.


Identifying an objective or goal is the starting point to constructing a successful investment plan. Without an investment goal there is no basis on which to discuss risk parameters, set return targets and invest appropriately.


Whatever the goal, Randalls’ aim is to connect a client’s current situation to their aspired future. We incorporate the whole range disciplines from our know-how to maximise the likelihood of success.


Our financial advice goes much further than just the formal financial plan we put in place with our clients. Randalls act as a trusted guide for the long term, applying our knowledge and experience to our clients’ unique context. It is this less-formal ongoing guidance and advice that many of our clients say they find most valuable.

Our uninhibited approach to independence sets us apart


We take the broadest possible view of independence and utilise it at every level. Our business is to give valuable advice; we are not product providers or sellers but stand at a healthy distance so that we can act fully in the interests of our clients.


Our clients rest easy knowing that we stand in the gap between them and an often bewildering and changing world of financial choices and considerations.


We are enthused about the world of opportunities, good innovations and smart thinking that can be used to help meet our client’s objectives. We are equally keen to protect our clients from bad investment methods and products.


We see our job as understanding distinctions and knowing the relevance for our clients so that we can make good decisions and incorporate effectively.


By doing this well we use our independence to gain tremendous leverage – bringing a world of expertise, innovations, insights, good ideas and economies of scale all around the one table.